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The Community Outreach Program is designed to provide support, resources and information to individuals with varying exceptionalities as well as providing educational resources to parents, families and professionals.

Parent Educational Series

The Community Outreach Program is committed to providing parents and families with support and continuous acquisition of knowledge. The Parent Educational Series will be based on surveys completed by parents as well as information frequently requested to our teachers and therapists.

Topics may include:

  • Home Routines

  • Sensory Diets

  • Language Acquisition

  • Transitions

  • Eating Habits

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Med Waivers

  • Transitions into Adulthood

  • SSI

Long Term Goals

The Community Outreach Program has as a long term goal of bringing various speakers and specialists to help raise awareness and provide parents, families, therapists and community leaders with a thorough and extensive knowledge base. There are many wonderful opportunities for learning out there but by bringing these individuals into our community, we will be able to reach local families, educators and therapists and bring in information specific to the needs of our community.

*To see our upcoming workshop schedule, click here.

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