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What does the future look like after 22:

Once young adults reach the age of 22, they can no longer attend a traditional school program. The options available for young adults with special needs are very limited. Data is emerging that demonstrates adults with Autism are chronically underemployed. More than 66% of young adults on the Autism spectrum are unemployed and are not engaged in higher education 2 years after exiting high school. In recent years, many organizations have made it their mission to help train and provide further education that

will lead to job placement for young adults with special needs. Most of the success of this initiative has been for the moderate to higher functioning population. Thanks to this initiative to provide a better future for young adults living with Autism, many of these young adults have found meaningful employment.


What happens to the rest of population of young adults living with Autism?


For young adults who require a higher level of support, the resources are even more limited. Individuals with profound Autism often require specialized support and accommodations in the workplace to effectively navigate their job responsibilities. Supported employment options provide this tailored support, including job coaches who can help with tasks, communication strategies, and social interactions. Many individuals with autism have unique strengths and talents that can be harnessed in the right environment. With the lack of available quality training programs, these individuals are left with little to no options for further growth and most end up staying home with family and away from the public leading them to live a life of isolation.


Benefits of Supported Training and Employment:

Supported employment programs offer opportunities for skill development tailored to the individual's abilities, helping them to maximize their potential and contribute meaningfully to the workforce.


Integration and Socialization:

Employment provides opportunities for individuals with autism to interact with coworkers and customers, fostering social skills and integration into the community. Supported employment options create environments where these interactions can occur in a structured and supportive way, helping individuals with autism build confidence and develop meaningful relationships.

Financial Empowerment:

Securing employment allows individuals with autism to achieve greater financial stability, improving their quality of life and reducing reliance on support services. Supported employment programs can help individuals identify suitable job opportunities and provide ongoing support to ensure success in the workplace.


Sense of Purpose and Fulfillment:

Like anyone else, individuals with autism benefit from having a sense of purpose and fulfillment derived from meaningful work. Supported employment options help individuals find roles that align with their interests and abilities, empowering them to pursue their passions and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

In summary, placement in supported employment options for adults with profound autism is essential for providing the specialized support, skill development, socialization opportunities, financial stability, and sense of purpose needed for their successful integration into the workforce and society.


Beyond Links Marketplace

Beyond Links Marketplace aims to give opportunities to this unique population

We are excited to share with you our vision and goal of opening a store entirely operated by adults with special needs. This initiative stems from our firm belief in inclusivity and the recognition of the untapped potential and talents that adults with special needs possess.

Empowerment Through Employment:

Our goal is to create a beautiful environment that will become a haven for our community. It will be more than just a place to shop it will be a beacon of empowerment and opportunity. By opening a specialized store where they can work, we aim to empower them to lead fulfilling and independent lives. Through tailored training and support, we will enable them to develop essential skills, boost their confidence, and foster a sense of pride in their abilities.

Promoting Inclusion and Awareness:

Beyond offering employment, our initiative seeks to promote social inclusion and raise awareness about the capabilities of individuals with special needs. By operating a store in a prominent location, staffed entirely by individuals with special needs, we challenge

societal perceptions and stereotypes. Beyond Links Marketplace will create a welcoming and inclusive environment where customers can engage with our employees, learn from their experiences, and appreciate their unique talents and

perspectives. Through this interaction, we hope to foster empathy, understanding, and acceptance within the broader community.

In essence, our goal is to create a platform for advocacy and social change. We envision a store that serves as a beacon of diversity, equality, and opportunity—a place where everyone is valued and celebrated for who they are. We invite you to join us on this journey towards creating a more inclusive society. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with special needs and pave the way for a more compassionate and equitable future.


What will the store be like:

Beyond Links Marketplace will be a special kind of gift shop. As you browse our curated selection of products, you'll find not only high-quality goods but also a testament to the talents and capabilities of every individual involved because many of the merchandise has been made by its employees. Whether you're seeking unique gifts, or simply a heartfelt connection, Beyond Links Marketplace will be more than just a destination it will become a community united by love, respect, and the belief that

everyone deserves a chance to shine.

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